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2013 UPS Race Schedule

April 27
May 18
June 15
June 22
July 20
July 27
August 24

This is the schedule for the local race shows for the track, a few more items are being worked out so you can expect announcements for a few more race dates for other events over the course of the summer.

Each day will be a doubleheader starting with hot laps at 1 p.m.

For the seven days of racing we will have 14 race shows, the 10 best finishes out of the 14 races will count towards season points. This gives everyone the opportunity to miss up to 2 complete race days or half a day of racing four times for special occasions, racing at other tracks, or for taking a needed vacation, and you will still have a chance to win the season points.

If any Rain Dates are needed they will be announced during the season.

We look forward to a great racing season and we will have more information to follow this up over the next couple of weeks.

The classes we are considering to run at this time are listed below, we are open to other classes also if you have enough karts to make a class. Send us a message if you have any questions or suggestions.

Kid Karts
Putt Putt
Rookie 206
Jr I 206
Jr I Flathead Hvy
Jr I Animal Hvy
Jr II 206
Jr II Flathead Med
Jr II Flathead Hvy
Jr II Animal Med
Jr II Animal Hvy
Adult 206 Hvy
Adult Flathead Med
Adult Flathead Hvy
Adult Animal Med
Adult Animal Hvy

The Adult 206 Hvy has a Burris 33 tire rule while all other classes will have an open tire rule this year. (While the tire rule is open MAXXIS have been the dominant tire of choice at the track over the past couple of years)
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